Hi there! I'm Flor.

Hi there and thank you for stopping by, I'm are thrilled you are here!  

Fabplicity Studios is a portrait photography studio that serves people who treasure photography, love life, and want to look amazing! I love

LOVE, the love you feel for yourself, for your partner, or ice cream, it is okay to love ice cream. My goal is to make my clients excited about capturing their life events to create their very own “time machines.”


Doing this job allows me to become best friends with the people I photograph, at least for the time I am photographing them. We collaborate to make sure your session is the best it can be, we laugh, we cheer, and we have a lot of fun.


In case you are curious about who is going to take your fabulous pictures, here are a few things about me: 


  • Traveling is my second favorite thing right after photography. 

  • I have a wife, her name is Ileanexis and we have 3 plants!

  • I've named my cameras, their names are Lucero and Estela. 

  • I grew up in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, so yes, I have an accent. 

  • I adore coffee, to the point my parents mail me Dominican and Puerto Rican coffee every six months. Also, every time my friends travel they bring me the local coffee. 

  • I am obsessed with movies about time travel, especially the Back to the Future franchise. 

  • I have a big collection of earrings and scarfs “from my travels” that lives in my closet. 

  • And, celebrating my loved ones' birthdays is one of my biggest joys.


I hope that was helpful. I cannot wait to meet you, become best friends, and create beautiful memories, you deserve it!




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